Friday, 17 May 2013

TV Series Lines and Quotes

Yesterday's post got me thinking. Why don't I compile a list of the best lines in TV series? You'd be surprised that it wasn't that easy. It turns out some series have a lot of memorable lines in them, but most of them don't have any at all.
Here they are, I even looked up a few videos for my favourite lines:


“Damn it!”


“Angels are d**ks”


“You have failed this city!”


“Everybody lies”
“People are idiots”

Game of Thrones

“Winter is coming!”
“A Lannister always pays his debts”
“You know nothing, Jon Snow”


“Joey doesn't share food!”
“London baby!”
“We were on a break!”
“How you doin?”

The Big Bang Theory

“I'm not insane, my mother had me tested!”
“You're in my spot”
“(Knock knock knock) Penny! (Knock knock knock) Penny! (Knock knock knock) Penny!”


 How I Met Your Mother

“It's gonna be legen… wait for it… dary!”

“I only have one rule”
“Have you met Ted?”
“True story”
“Suit up!”
“Challenge accepted!”


That '70s Show

“Hey there, hi there, ho there”
“I said good day!”
“You son of a b*tch!”
“Car that runs on water man!”

“My foot in your ass”

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Movie Quotes

There are those lines and quotes that whenever you hear them, you will immediately know which movies they are from. I made a list of these lines and quotes. Some of them are funny, others dramatic and there are some that suck so bad, that they are actually good. You could argue, that these are not the best movie quotes or that there are a lot more out there, but these are just the ones that I like. So here goes:


“This isn't where I parked my car.”

The Lord of the Rings

“My precious.”

Forrest Gump

“Run, Forrest, run!”

Karate Kid

“Wax on... wax off.”

Apocalypse Now

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

Snakes on a Plane

“I have had it with these motherf***ing snakes on this motherf***ing plane!”

The Sixth Sense

“I see dead people.”



The Matrix

“There is no spoon.”


“Get away from her, you bitch!”

Back to the Future

“Nobody calls me chicken.”


“I like money.”

Lethal Weapon

“I'm too old for this shit.”

Rush Hour

“Do you understand the words that are comin out of my mouth?”
“Don't you ever touch a black man's radio”


“What's in the box?!”

Fight Club

“The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.”


“I'll be back.”
“Hasta la vista, baby.”

Die Hard

“Yippee-ki-yay, motherf***er.”


“This is Sparta!”

Star Wars

“May the force be with you.”
“I am your father.”


“Puny god.”

The Dark Knight

“Why so serious?”

And there is one more, which is not that famous yet, but I bet it soon will be:

Iron Man 3

“Is this the forehead of security?”

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Image from Collider
Who is the most badass character in TV? Although there are and were lots of different characters out there, none of them could be compared to Jack Bauer. Forget the almighty Chuck Norris or John McClane, Jack Bauer would kick all of their asses.

Jack Bauer was a character from my favourite action/drama series, 24. The show ran on FOX and it had 8 seasons between 2001 and 2010. Each season presented a day, thus there were 24 episodes in a season. Each episode was in real time, as in 60 minutes (minus the commercials). The show was about a fictional intelligence agency called Counter Terrorist Unit, or CTU, which was created to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil. Jack Bauer was a member of CTU and he pretty much always saved the day. After the series ended there were rumours about a 24 movie but we never got to see that, have we?

Now for the good news. FOX is bringing 24 back! It is called 24: Live Another Day. I know those of you, who have seen 24 are glad to hear the news, as I am, and those of you who haven't, couldn't care less. Btw I suggest you do watch it, you won't be disappointed. Hopefully if the ratings will be high enough, then this won't just be a one season thing.

Although I'm really excited about this news, there is a “minor” problem. The season will only have 12 episodes, WTF?! They are saying they will “skip the less interesting hours”. First of all, 24 didn't have a single uninteresting episode, each of them was highly entertaining and they all ended on cliffhangers so you couldn't wait to see the next one. Still I can't wait to see Jack Bauer back in action, but I'll have to wait a whole year for that to happen.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Outstanding Movie Villains

First off I'll only focus on those villains who weren't exactly in the main role, like how Freddy Kruger was for example, in Nightmare on Elm Street. All of these actors had supporting roles, but managed to outshine the movies' main protagonists.

Javier Bardem

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
I've already said that I'm no fan of Bond. Skyfall was just as crappy as every other Bond movie, but the single thing that made it remotely watchable was Javier Bardem's performance. He outperformed every other actor. You could say, that's not a huge accomplishment if you think of Daniel Craig, but trust me, Javier was really good in this movie. Think No Country for Old Man with a slightly better hairdo. Who am i kidding? His hair looks just as messed up as ever.

Al Pacino

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate plays, well the Devil. His performance is way better than mister Point Break's. There is only one other person, who's acting rivals that of Pacino's, and that is Keanu's love interest, Charlize Theron.

Hugo Weaving

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
In the Matrix trilogy, Agent Smith was probably the best character. We all liked the wise Morpheus and even Neo, but Agent Smith had something about him. He made the Matrix believable in a way, despising all that was human and trying to escape the restrictions that the programs had put on him.

Kevin Spacey

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
Well this guy is one of my favourite actors and in large part for movies such as Se7en. He played the villain who made sure that the seven deadly sins truly became deadly. The whole movie is about this mysterious villain killing off people who have sinned in his eyes, and although we only meet him briefly, his performance remains the most memorable.

Christoph Waltz

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
Inglourious Basterds was Christoph's first big break in Hollywood, he even got on Oscar for his performance. Of course he was a Nazi Jew hunter and we all rooted against him, but there is no denying the fact, that if it wasn't for him, the movie wouldn't have been as great as it was.

Anthony Hopkins

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
Hannibal “the cannibal” Lecter. Do I even need to say more? The Silence of the Lambs is a classic, we've all seen it at least once and who is the first character that pops in our heads? It's not the FBI lady or the women killer with the skin fetish, but the locked up guy with the high protein diet, Hannibal Lecter.

David Prowse / James Earl Jones

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
Who was the most awesome character in the original Star Wars trilogy? Mr. big bad himslef, the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Who doesn't know Darth Vader, with his heavy breathing, unique voice and dumb looking black helmet? Star Wars has a vast universe with lots of different characters, but Darth Vader remains to this day the core of the franchise.

Heath Ledger

Image from Rotten Tomatoes
I saved the best one for last, the Joker from The Dark Knight… I remember before seeing this movie, I've read a couple of reviews and they pretty much all said the same thing, the best movie of 2008 and Heath Ledger's greatest performance ever. First I thought they were just saying that because Heath Ledger had died, but after I went to see it I was blown away. It truly is one of the best movies of all times and Heath Ledger earned his post mortem Oscar.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Where to Find News About Movies

I really enjoy films and TV series, but where should I look for the latest news about them, oh wise and helpful Adam? Since you've asked me so nicely I'm going to present you some sites I like to visit now and then, to be kept up to date with the latest information regarding movies and what not. There are a lot of news portals, blogs and even forums that you can visit daily, but I will only talk about my favourites.

There is no denying the fact that the most information about movies and TV series you will find on IMDB. I really like how it is structured, it is very user friendly, you can easily find each movie, actor, director or what ever you are looking for. It is usually accurate but of course it might have some minor errors. Also I have more faith in the IMDB ratings than any other ratings out there, especially the ones form Metacritic.

IGN is another site I frequently visit. Now I realise it is not just about movies and TV series, it also has a lot of content about games as well. But who doesn't like games? Don't answer that. Anyways they tend to present good information about upcoming movies and everything in general.

Rotten Tomatoes is another relatively good site about films, though I don't always agree with the ratings they give.

The Hollywood Reporter is also a very reliably source of information and we can most certainly trust them to be accurate. Can't we?

In terms of news there are a few more sites, which are fun to read and provide useful information. These are the following: /FILM, JoBlo, MTV Movies Blog and also The Movie Blog.

I'm quite confident, if you visit these sites on a daily basis, you won't miss out on any news related to your favourite or soon to be favourite movie or TV series.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Did He Need Those Sunglasses or Not?

If you haven't seen The Book of Eli yet, you should stop reading this blog post! Full spoilers ahead.
Before I get into my argument I just want to say, that post apocalyptic fiction is amongst my favourite genres. I've seen a lot of these movies, some of them were great, the others not so much. I'm not considering The Book of Eli the best post apocalyptic movie of all time, but it has raised an interesting question: Was he blind or wasn't he? There are a bunch of forums discussing the matter, many people consider him blind and many don't. My opinion is that he was actually blind. The first time I'd seen the movie, obviously I didn't realise this until the very end, when Carnegie, played by Gary Oldman, opened the book and realised it had been written in Braille. Denzel Washington plays his role very well, not spoiling the ending by making it too obvious. And that was the whole point of the movie. To make the audience believe that Eli was just a regular guy (shooting and chopping up dozens of men, all by himself) and shock them at the end revealing that he was blind all along. I've watched the movie again this weekend and there were a lot of hints here and there, which were easy to spot, if you knew what to look for. I've even made some screen shots to prove my “theory”. I apologise for the images being too dark, I even tried to mess with the brightness a bit, but it's a dark movie so deal with it.

The proof

At the beginning of the movie, Eli is walking on a road and finds a car. The car has a skeleton in it and he thinks he might find some boots on it. Instead of just looking at the skeleton's feet, he feels them with his hands.

You might ask me how did I know what Eli was looking for? Well here's the answer: He walks in a building and he finds a guy, who probably hanged himself, in some sort of a closet. He actually smells him and then he opens the closet's door. Again instead of just looking at the guy he puts his hand on him, and then he moves his hands all the way down to his feet. When he feels the boots on the dead guy's feet he starts smiling. If he could see why the hell would he be touching a dead guy?

In the same building he starts listening to music using some kind of an mp3 player. The device discharges during the night. When he wakes up he starts pressing the buttons on the device for a few seconds, as if he hasn't seen the screen with the empty battery sign on it.

Did I mention he has heightened senses? When he is about to be attacked on the road, he sniffs out his attackers and says: “The only good thing about no soap… is that you can smell  hijackers a mile off.”

There is a scene when he is in some kind of a pawn shop and he offers to trade a Zippo lighter. He lights it and he puts his hand above the flame to feel whether it is lit or not. Too bad I don't have a screen shot of this scene.

During the gun fight on the street, he only shoots those, who have previously shot on him. Because he doesn't see them, duh! Like this guy on the roof.

One guy remains standing, he aims his gun at Eli's head, Eli just stands in the middle of the street looking all dumb and then he turns around and walks away. Why didn't Eli just shoot the guy, if that guy was pointing a gun at him? Well because Eli didn't see crap.

On the road, Solara, Mila Kunis ask Eli “How do you know you're walking in the right direction? ”, Then Eli replies: “I walk by faith, not by sight”. As in he is blind like a bat. Heightened senses again. He suddenly hears something, that Solara doesn't. “Did you hear that? ” and he shoots a bird from the sky with his bow.

They reach a house in the middle of nowhere and before walking up the stairs he kicks in the first step, to realise where it was. He then sticks his shotgun in front of him and he bumps it in the door.

When the old man at the house tells him: “No trespassing. Didn't you read the sign?”, Eli says: “We're very sorry, I didn't see it.”

Before reaching San Francisco Eli says: “Do you smell that? ”, Solara asks: “What? ” then Eli replies “In the air. Salt. We're getting close to the ocean.” Another case of heightened senses.

The most revealing thing was of course the book itself.

So there you have it. I think I've gathered enough evidence to convince you that Eli was indeed blind. I don't want to get into the religious roots of the movie, but if you're still not convinced, Eli the biblical character was also blind. So what more proof do you need?

Guess that's a no, on needing those sunglasses.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Famous Brothers and Sisters

I've been thinking about what to write for a few days now. I almost gave up, until someone came up with a fun idea. Let's write about actors who “keep it in the family”, I know you have a dirty mind, but it's nothing like that, instead I'll write about famous brothers and sisters who are actors. I'll only focus on those who are “widely spread”, as in there are a lot of them.

Let's start with the Baldwins. I'll only mention the four brothers, not that they aren't enough, on the contrary, they are a bit too much. So let's see, there is Alec, the oldest one, then Daniel, William and the youngest one Stephen. What is there to tell about the Baldwins? If I say I don't like them, it's an understatement. They look like a cloning project gone wrong. As if they had all been cloned from Alec and each clone looked more ridiculous than the last one.
Their movies are mostly crappy, I've seen a lot of them and I can't even come up with a single title from the top of my head. Alec plays in the TV series called 30 Rock, which is considered successful, but I don't like that either.

The Wayans siblings. What's the plural of Wayans, Wayanses? (kinda sounds like something that Gollum would say: hobbitses) There are even more of these guys, than the Baldwins, and that says a lot. The only difference is, I actually like them. Keenen Ivory is the oldest of them. He has three brothers, Damon, Shawn, Marlon and a sister, Kim. I'm not even going to mention their children, because if I did, I could write about them hundreds of post and I'd have to rename my blog to A DAMn Big Family Blog.
Anyways, they have some pretty entertaining movies, mostly comedies but they also played in some action movies and dramas as well. I won't go into details, but I'll name a few that I liked: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood; The Last Boy Scout; Requiem for a Dream; Littleman; White Chicks…

The Arquettes. I don't really like the Arquettes either. Why is that, you might ask? The answer is, they haven't really put anything on the table.
There is Rosanna Arquette the oldest one, she had a few movies, but they mostly sucked. I have seen one a couple of years ago, called The Divide, it was so sick and twisted, that it was actually good (no thanks to her performance).
Richmond Arquette is the eldest brother of the Arquettes. I can't tell anything about him, didn't even know he existed, till today.
Patricia Arquette is probably the most well know from the Arquettes, she had an OK performance in Stigmata and there is one more movie she had a role in, that I haven't seen yet, but definitely will: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.
Alexis Arquette not sure what the proper term is. He used to be a guy and now she isn't, let's just leave it at that.
Finally there is David Arquette, the youngest of them. If I'd have to come up with a single word to describe this guy, I'd have to go with goofy. He is just weird, kind of like his character from the Scream movies.

Last but not least, the Estevez clan. As I've said before, I focus on the siblings so I'll stick to only one Sheen. There are four Estevez siblings, two of whom are relatively unknown, or at least I know very little of them. That is why I'll start with these two.
Ramon Estevez and Renée Estevez. There, I feel like we've already talked enough about these two and you know as much about them as I do.
Emilio Estevez had most of his highlights in the 80's and the 90's. But this is not the Estevez you're looking for!
Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estevez is undoubtedly one of TV's best actors and a great movie star as well. In 2010 he was the highest paid TV actor earning a 1.8 million dollars for each episode of Two and a Half Men. I still don't get why he got booted from the show. Of course he had some drug/alcohol/hooker problems, the occasional domestic violence, publicly insulted the show's creators, but that was just a regular Sunday for Charlie.

There probably still are a number of well known actors out there with a bunch of brothers and sisters, but I'll stick to these for now.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Prior to Their Name and Fame

Some of today's most well known actors have had some unusual or crappy jobs. Either they had finished acting school but didn't actually manage to work as actors, so they started working crappy jobs, or they had started out with the crappy jobs and they became actors afterwards. Now, when I say crappy, I might even exaggerate a bit, what I'm saying is that those jobs paid them a lot less, than the ones they have right now.

Bruce Willis

Before getting his big break, the German born actor, Bruce Willis used to work as a bartender (Ha! I bet most of you didn't even know he was born in Germany). He had some minor roles, then he starred in Moonlighting, but he became famous as John McClane in Die Hard.

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly worked as a flight attendant. Good thing she did that before becoming an actress, I can't imagine many passengers would want to fly on the same plane as her, after watching Lost.

George Clooney

George Clooney was just a regular women's shoes salesman, then boom! He becomes a movie star, and all the women go nuts when they see him. If only he had given a few pointers to Al Bundy.

Tom Cruise

This one might not even be a surprise. Tom Cruise, before dancing in his tidy whities on the big screen, wanted to become a catholic priest. What do you know? He succeeded more or less, becoming a major Scientology player, but let's not get into too much details.

Sean Connery

Can you imagine Sean Connery delivering milk? That is exactly what he did, before acting.

Daniel Craig

Keeping it between the Bonds, Daniel Craig used to be a waiter. I'm not a big fan of him, so I think he should have pursued that career instead of becoming an actor.

Danny DeVito

Before making a name for himself as one of Hollywood's biggest (pun intended) and most handsome actors, Danny DeVito used to work as a hairstylist. Yep, that Danny DeVito!

Hugh Jackman

This is a good one, forget everything you know about Hugh Jackman and try to imagine him working as a clown. A freaking clown, jeez!

It turns out researching is hard work. And I'm pretty much doing this for fun, so no more researching today. I do have a conclusion though. You don't need to settle for your lousy job. If you are determined enough and with a bit of luck (or with the face of George Clooney) you could even become an actor in Hollywood.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Favourite Drama Series

I have no idea why I didn't start the blogging thingy with these two. The two TV series that I currently enjoy the most are: The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

In the last 10 years there have probably been at least one low budget zombie movies each month. I got fed up with them. Some of the zombies moved a bit faster, than the others, but basically they were all the same. They sucked!

Then came The Walking Dead. Now it's true, it is about zombies, but it is a whole lot more, than that. The series focuses on a group of people who try to survive after the zombie apocalypse. You begin to care for these characters and slowly, you even forget about the zombies lurking around every corner. That is why I think it is one of the best series out there.

Image from AMC

Game of Thrones, is probably the most complex series ever made. It is based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels. I remember I became hooked, right after the first episode. It is a fantasy series, but it had taken the time to introduce characters and locations first, and only later did it take a turn and started exploring the mystical elements of that world. It was an instant success and hopefully it will have many, many seasons, and it will cover all of the seven books. I don't think I've ever seen a more versatile and detailed world portrayed. There are so many characters, that it is hard to keep track of all of them. There are multiple story arcs, and the cast is simultaneously filming on more locations, just to create a believable icy north or a sandy south.

Image from Pop Cults

If you haven't seen these two series yet, I suggest you don't waste any more time and take a few days off from work, because if you start watching them, you won't be able to stop.

How to Become a Movie Director

I've looked up a couple of videos for those of you, who might choose movie directing as a career. Personally I think it would be a really hard job to do and I'm not just referring to the fact that I couldn't read a whole script. Seriously, after reading like 5-10 pages, I fall asleep. I am incapable of reading an entire book. My motto is: wait until they make a movie out of it.

So here are the two videos:

Intersting Jobs in TV Series and Movies

A friend of mine had heard that I started blogging and suggested I should make a post about the most interesting jobs in TV series and movies. Now this one's a though cookie, but here goes.

Lets just start with one of my favourite movies, Ali G Indahouse. What is there to tell about Ali G Indahouse? Well basically any idiot can become a Member of Parliament. I really enjoy Sacha Baron Cohen's work, except for Bruno, that was an overkill.

Image from Movies.Io

National Treasure… I'm not saying that this was a great movie, but wouldn't it be nice to be a modern Indiana Jones, finding treasures and stuff?

Image from Wikipedia

Hugh Laurie in House M.D. was awesome. His job wasn't really that interesting, a medical diagnostician, but the way he played it. Well it was really entertaining. A doctor who was smarter, than everyone else combined, sarcastic, always speaking his mind, not giving a damn about what everyone else thought about him. It was just great. Too bad the series ended after its 8th season.

Image from Fanpop

There is another great drama series called Person of Interest. Jim Caviezel's John Reese kicks everyone's ass all by himself. He is the new Jack Bauer out there. But John isn't the one I envy. Harold Finch, played by Michael Emerson is the one who's loaded. Of course he is always in hiding, limping a bit, but all he does all day is identify social security numbers. He kinda does get in danger a few times, but what the heck? If I had billions, I wouldn't mind.

Image from Rickey

One of my current favourites is The Big Bang Theory. Almost all the characters have cool jobs, what they like to do. Howard Wolowitz though, has the coolest one. He is an aerospace engineer and he gets to build crazy stuff using the equipment meant for NASA.

Image from The Big Bang Theory Fansite

Probably the most interesting and intriguing job is the one that Barney Stinson has, in the series called How I Met Your Mother. What is there to tell about Barney's job? Actually not much. It's a mystery. No one knows what the hell he does for a living and that's the beauty of it. Every time Barney is asked what his job actually is, he just laughs and says “Please!”. There is a slight chance we might find out at the end of the series, together with the identity of Ted's wife. Then again it could remain a secret, for instance, we've never found out where Fes came from, in That 70's Show either.

Image from Fanpop

Need a tip? Wait for it…

So here's the deal, a waiter pissed me off a few days ago. Yeah, you know who you are! I didn't mind the crappy food, or the bad service, but the attitude now that's when I decided it would be a great time to try out the dine and dash thing. At the end I chickened out and paid for the food, but I didn't leave any tips.
The whole situation got me thinking and I came up with a few things, that you should do the next time you wait for a table. By the way I really hope there won't be a next time, and they'll fire you!
Image from Personal Development Insights

Be a good actor.

Are you fed up, with all the annoying customers, who talk rudely, never seem to appreciate what you do and always find something to complain about? Well tough luck, pal! You need to suck it up, and pretend, that you are grateful for their arrogance, because you know, “the customer is always right”. What I'm trying to say is, that you need to make the customers believe, that you love what you do, even if you don't, and that this is the perfect place for them to eat. Be polite, friendly and don't forget to smile.

Dress and look appropriately.

No one will tip a hobo, they probably won't even order from one, so try to look nice and clean. Keep in mind that you're not at a rock festival, so change your outfit regularly and wash your filthy hands.

Know what's on the menu.

Customers tend to like those waiters, who know their stuff. Not like some waiters who seem, that they have no idea what day of the week it is, let alone what's on the menu. You should know every meal and drink tha's available, I mean prices, ingredients, the whole thing.

Don't mess up the order.

If you mess up the order, you can probably kiss your tip goodbye. I personally don't like to send back the food, in case they mess up my order, because I'm afraid I might get something “extra” in my food, out of the goodness of their hearts, but rest assured most customers will. Not only will you loose your tip, but the price of the food might even come down from your salary.

Be as quick as possible.

When people are hungry they don't like to wait and they can't seem to understand, that preparing food takes time. So when the chef says, the food's ready, you best make haste and serve it as soon as possible.

Visit the tables often.

Checking back from time to time, might earn you some points with the customers, giving them the illusion that you care. Also they might order something new.
So these are the most important things you, waiters should keep in mind, if you are hungry for some tips.

If you do get fired I won't lose any sleep over it. But since I'm such a nice and helpful guy, I even looked for a site that has job listings on it, for waiters. Make sure to check it out Cylex Jobs.

I hope you'll learn from all of this, you and the rest of the lousy waiters out there! I'm out!

And The Journey of Blogging Begins

Hi there,

Since by some miracle you've stumbled upon my fresh and crispy new blog, you might as well hang out a bit. Let me just start by saying a few things about me without wasting too much of your time.

My name is Adam and I'm an addict! An addict of movies and TV series. (Not saying that I'm not into alcohol or anything, but let's keep it casual.) So there, now you know me.

Although I mentioned my addiction before, that doesn't mean I'll only blog about movies and stuff. It depends on what mood I'm going to be in. I know, I know some of you might ask me, why am I keep repeating myself, and why am I using the word movie, when it is actually called a film? Well movie just sound a whole lot better, so deal with it!

There are a few movies I'm looking forward to seeing this year. Got to admit, they are mostly sequels such as Iron Man 3, Thor 2, The Hangover Part 3, Fast & Furious 6, Star Trek Into Darkness or The Wolverine, but there are some new ones as well, Pain and Gain for instance. I've seen the red band trailer, it was funny as hell. Elysium hmm, now there's a sci fi I'll definitely watch. And they've made a couple of reboots as well. Evil Dead, I haven't seen it yet, though it's on my list. I really hope this will finally break the long line of crappy horror movies. I haven't seen a good one in ages.

Also let's talk a little bit about the Superman reboot, the Man of Steel.

Image from FilmoFila

I have high hopes for this one (still a Marvel fan though), I mean it certainly can't be worse, than Superman Returns, I threw up a little bit just by thinking of it. What a poor excuse of a Superman sequel that was! One of my favourite actors used to be Kevin Spacey, until 2006 when this crap came out.

If I could pick only one movie to see this year, I'd have to go with The Wolverine (told you, Marvel fan).

Image from FilmoFilia

I've seen the trailers, Hugh Jackman is ripped, but let's face it, that's how Wolverine should look like. Now the last time we've seen Wolverine (and I'm not referring to the cameo appearance) it was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. To tell you the truth, I liked it, but it could have been a lot better. So here's the chance to blow everyone's mind with this one. I can't wait to see it. Here's one thing I don't really understand though. Plot spoiler ahead: a Japanese chick called Yukio tracks down a worn out, homeless looking Logan, who is moping over the events that happened in X-Men: The Last Stand. The chick says, that Logan saved her father once, and he would like to thank him for it, by offering him a chance to become “mortal”. So here's what I don't get: if he was so fed up with life and he wanted to die, why the hell hadn't he taken that “cure” from X-Men: The Last Stand?

Anyways, if you would like to be kept up to date with the latest trailers, film clips or whatever, you should check out The Movie Box.

I guess that's it for now. In the near future I might even try to do some reviews and stuff. Hope you've enjoyed at least a little bit reading my post. Talk to you later.